By Ted Alcuitas

Less than two years after Balita lost a libel case filed by the late Senator Tobias Enverga, Jr., it has now been slapped with another libel conviction.

Balita newspaper, publisher Tess Cusipag and Managing Editor Romeo Marquez, has been ‘severally and individually’ convicted of defaming Oswald Magno.

In a 20-page decision handed down last Wednesday, May 23, Madame Justice Jane E. Ferguson of the Ontario Superior Court awarded Magno a total of $410,000 in general, aggravated and punitive damages excluding legal costs.

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This is the second major loss to what is touted as Toronto’s largest newspaper and one of the oldest, founded by the late Ruben Cusipag in 1978.         

In July 2016, the paper was found guilty of defaming Senator Enverga, the first Filipino senator appointed to the Senate of Canada.Enverga was awarded over $410,00  in damages and other costs. Payment for the award  was confirmed by no less than Romeo P. Marquez who wrote in The Filipino Web Channel, Nov. 28, 2017.

“A day prior (November 15) to his death on November 16, Tess’ family wrote a cheque for $4,714.86 in the name of Enverga’s lawyer in compliance with their demand. That amount was in addition to the two cheques paid three weeks earlier in the amount of $407,955 and $2,045. Overall, the three cheques totaled $414,714.86 (four hundred fourteen thousand seven hundred fourteen and eighty-six cents).”

Cusipag was also convicted of criminal contempt of court for violating the injunction to refrain from publishing anymore articles about Enverga after the decision. She served 13 days out of a 21-day sentence.

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The libel lawsuit brought by Oswald Magno against Balita, Balita Editor Tess Cusipag and Romeo Marquez has been resolved in Magno’s favor, bringing an end to the lawsuit filed over 4 years ago.

Justice Jane Ferguson of the Ontario Superior Court, in her decision dated May 23, 2018, found that the defendants have defamed Magno and awarded general, aggravated and punitive damages totaling $410,000, excluding legal costs.

The judge described the publications against Magno contained in 35 articles, over 14 months, as personal attacks, driven by malice. The attacks were carried in print and in cyberspace.

In an email, Magno’s lawyer, David A. Potts, who is an author of several books on defamation, stated that the damage award demonstrates the baselessness of the charges against Magno.

“I am completely vindicated by this decision,” Magno writes in an email to this reporter. “It has taken almost 4 ½ years; nevertheless, justice has been served,” he added.

Magno was one of the signatories to a petition advocating ethical and socially responsible journalism. Olivia Camacho, another signatory to the petition, considers the result as a victory not only for Magno but for the community as well.

Magno’s lawsuit is one of at least four actions instituted against Balita Media Inc. and its co-defendants and is only the second to be adjudicated.

The first, instituted by the late Senator Tobias Enverga Jr. in 2013, was decided in July 2016. In that case, the media defendants were ordered to pay $250,000 in damages plus $90,000 in legal costs.  Additional proceedings in the case resulted in aggregate damages, fines and indemnity costs of over $410,000. The award in the Enverga case is one of the largest ever involving defamation of a member of an ethnic community which also resulted in Tess Cusipag receiving a 21-day jail sentence for criminal contempt.

As reported in Philippine Reporter


So in a span of less than 2 years, Tess Cusipag & Romeo Marquez have managed to lose two defamation cases (with very SIGNIFICANT damages awarded), serve jail time, and have more lawsuits on the way.

How is the mainstream media not picking up on this?

Jeff Rustia has passed away

Jeff Rustia has passed away after a long battle with cancer according to a Facebook posting by his brother, Mike. Rustia was the founder of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week & Kol Hope Foundation.

In 2015, Rustia and his mother Melinda Rustia were subject to personal attacks by Balita Newspaper’s Tess Cusipag and Romeo Marquez . The Rustia’s subsequently filed a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit against the conniving duo. It is unknown whether the case is currently still pending in court.

In 2017, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice sentenced Tess Cusipag to jail after losing a defamation suit against Canadian Senator Tobias Enverga.




Tess “You Can’t Afford to Sue Me.. I can even publish that I saw you making love with a tarsier” Cusipag

MARQUEZ Sept2017

Romy “Superstar Investigative Journalist” Marquez

It has started with the slimeball’s article and reports are that his patroness, Tess Cusipag, is openly supporting Tanya Allen, who has come under fire lately for her online Islamophobic and homophobic comments.  Allen is an ultra social conservative who has attracted the support of a white nationalist. The patroness is busily spreading negative videos about Rosemer Enverga, so jealous that she is doing everything she can to prevent Rosemer from winning the nomination in Mississauga Centre riding. Word is that she has threatened to dig up and publish dirt against anyone supporting Rosemer. Talk about personal vendetta.  If she publishes the slimeball’s article, she could have another lawsuit laid at her doorstep.  Her boys need to be warned about their incorrigible mom.

For any readers late to the party, Tess Cusipag, editor of scummy Filipino newspaper, Balita, had the book thrown at her when she was sent to jail by an Ontario Superior Court judge last summer. You can view a copy of Cusipag’s sentencing hearing via the link below:

Cusipag and ‘superstar investigative journalist,’ Romeo Marquez were also on the hook for over $400,000 in damages awarded to the late Senator Tobias Enverga. This is one of the largest defamation damages awarded in Canadian history.

When will Dumb & Dumber ever learn?



It looks like Tess Cusipag’s legal troubles aren’t ending with the passing of Senator Enverga.

Oswald Magno, one of the individuals who publicly spoke out against Balita’s vile, defamatory write-ups filed a motion for a summary judgement. Romy Marquez, Balita’s superstar “investigative” journalist is also named in the suit.

According to The Philippine Reporter, the case against Cusipag and Marquez was heard in January at the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario. Magno is seeking $1 million in general, punitive and aggravated damages.

Cusipag, who served jail time last summer for disrespecting the authority of the court is still on the hook for over $400,000 in defamation damages awarded to the late Senator Enverga.

Cusipag, who served jail time last summer for disrespecting the authority of the court is still on the hook for over $400,000 in defamation damages awarded to the late Senator Enverga. The defamation award will go down in history as one of Canada’s largest. We’re perplexed as to why the mainstream media hasn’t picked up on this yet, but hopefully soon enough!

The judge also noted her failed attempts to evade paying for the damages, by attempting to transfer her assets to her sons. Can you say crook?




Tess Cusipag would like to invite you to her pity party and only the ignorant are invited.

Here’s Tess Cusipag’s latest Facebook post. In the comments (which she has since deleted), she writes about having to fork out $414,000 to Senator Enverga (for the defamation lawsuit against her) and how her recent stint in jail will haunt her family and friends forever.



It’s unbelievable how low this scumbag can go. Yes, Tess Cusipag, you are a scumbag. The lowest common denominator. Senator Enverga passed away a mere 48 hours ago and here you are playing the victim. Just so that you can save face/gain sympathy amongst your ignorant Facebook followers – a group of blockheads who turn a blind-eye to your dubious activities.

For Tess Cusipag, it’s easier to play the victim and blame others for her shortcomings, than it is to take responsibility for them. When our Balita Boycott Campaign started, she cried harassment. When she was ordered to pay damages to Senator Enverga, she fraudulently tried to transfer her assets to avoid the court order. When the Superior Court of Ontario found her to be in contempt of court for spreading more lies via email, she claimed that her email got hacked. When she was sentenced to jail, she blamed her lawyer. A total scumbag through and through.

To all of the logical, sensible supporters of Ethical Journalism: You already know who you are and we thank you for not putting up with the turd/cow shit that Tess Cusipag, Romy Marquez and Balita continue to spew.

Breaking: Senator Tobias Enverga dies in trip to Colombia


Multiple news outlets have reported that Senator Tobias Enverga has passed away on a Parliamentary trip to Colombia.

Enverga, 61, leaves behind his wife, Rosemer and three daughters. May his soul rest in peace.

We will update you when more information becomes available.